Closing The Loop

Spoiler alert: No.

Well, not if you believe Ron Friedmann. And Friedmann, a well-respected legal technology consultant and attorney, is to be believed. He's spent the better part of 30 years proselytizing process and business improvement to law firms and their partners. He is, in essence, an agent of change. A pioneer. He would know.

Then again, many informed observers missed the boat -- or, rather, the $8 Prius -- on real-time ridesharing. Are there parallels between the taxi and legal industries? Is disruption on the horizon? Is the Bunn-o-matic the original billable hour? Are general counsel more bark than bite?

In this Logikcull Cullcast, Friedmann graciously fields those non-sequitors, and shares guidance on service innovation and the basics of #DoLessLaw.

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