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Have you ever thought to yourself, "One day I'd like to totally upend the legal profession with Legal Intelligence software"? Robert Hilson   |     18 Jul 2016

You can sue your law firm over data breach, but good luck winning

This is the third post in a month we've dedicated to the topic of law firm data security, and for good reason. These are scary times, folks. The breach that is now widely known simply as The Panama Papers showe... Robert Hilson   |     13 Jul 2016

For hackers, law firms are 'one-stop shop' for pillaging sensitive data

About a year ago, at a moment the world appeared to be nearing #peakcybercrime, we posed the question: What if your law firm is the next Ashley Madison? This was provocative shorthand for, "your client's data g... Robert Hilson   |     08 Jul 2016

Stop sending garbage to outside counsel (you'll pay for it)

Corporate legal departments are often tempted to offload discovery projects to outside service providers or law firm partners, either because they hope to offload risk and liability, or because they simply don’... Robert Hilson   |     30 Jun 2016

Judges have little insight into exact costs of e-discovery, don't see TAR use

Recent amendments to federal discovery rules have renewed attention on the concept of "proportionality" -- a cost-benefit analysis at the heart of many judicial determinations about fairness. Robert Hilson   |     24 Jun 2016

Judge Beeler: 'Sometimes lawyers don't know where stuff is kept'

When it comes to complex litigation, everything is bigger in California: the companies, the lawsuits, the trade secrets. Everything, that is, except the discovery disputes. Where most of the rest of the country... Robert Hilson   |     21 Jun 2016

Logikcull wins innovation award for mobile technology

We're excited to announce that Logikcull has won an ALM LegalTech Innovation Award for best mobile platform! Logikcull joins a prestigious group of winners that includes Google, Orrick Herrington & Sutcliffe, N... Robert Hilson   |     17 Jun 2016

Is the billable hour responsible for the legal profession's supply-demand gap?

The idea that there are "too many lawyers" is a common misperception. In reality, there are too few lawyers but, at the same time, too many lawyers without jobs. This is how, to speak in the broadest terms, the... Robert Hilson   |     16 Jun 2016
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