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Cullcast: Judge David Campbell on whether new discovery rules are a stopgap

Long in the making discovery amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure took effect in December, but the impact they will ultimately have remains to be seen. Early signs indicate that at least some cour... Robert Hilson   |     08 Feb 2016

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Vendor If You’re Still The Type of Person Who Books Through a Travel Agency

Working with vendors, like any approach to discovery, has its pros and its cons. It is true, for instance, that partnering with a large discovery provider affords some degree of insurance — where liability can ... Robert Hilson   |     01 Feb 2016

7 Ways Smart Litigators Should Leverage Changes in Rules and Discovery Technology

This article was authored by Tyler O'Halloran, an attorney at Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle & Townsend in Austin, Texas. It appeared in a truncated form in the January/February edition of the ABA Law Practice Magazi... Robert Hilson   |     27 Jan 2016

Waging The Battle to Increase Adoption of Your Discovery Solution

For law firms who seek to bolster their internal e-discovery capabilities -- either to capture more billable work or to provide better client value-add -- one of the most daunting challenges is getting the vari... Robert Hilson   |     21 Jan 2016

How much do law firms feel the cost of e-discovery?

An old acquaintance used to frame the costs of an annual news subscription his business sold in terms of the prospective customer's daily Starbucks spend. "For less than the daily cost of a cup of coffee, you c... Robert Hilson   |     19 Jan 2016

Applying 'moneyball' to the legal department

A version of this article appeared in the January issue of Today's General Counsel. It can be found here.  Robert Hilson   |     14 Jan 2016

Cullcast: Judge Mix on opaque discovery costs, predictive coding disputes and more

In a 2005 “Meet the Rainmakers” feature for Law Practice Today, US Magistrate Judge Kristen Mix, then a distinguished trial lawyer in Denver, described herself as “highly organized,” “thorough,” “efficient,” “a... Robert Hilson   |     13 Jan 2016

The Best Logikcull Features of 2015

Logikcull is building the most powerful, most efficient, most accessible, and easiest to use Discovery Automation tool. Check out this year’s product highlights. Robert Hilson   |     04 Jan 2016
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