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9th Circuit Judge Takes Goodyear Lawyers to Task for ‘Disgraceful’ Discovery Misconduct

In the summer of 2003, the Haeger family loaded up their motorhome and headed east for a medical conference. As they were driving down the highway, their Goodyear tire blew out, sending their Gulf Stream careening off th... Casey C. Sullivan, Esq.   |     12 Jun 2017

2017 eDiscovery Case Law Update: Six Cases You Need to Know

Six months into 2017, is it too early for an eDiscovery case law year in review? Hell no. With eDiscovery law evolving every day, six months might almost be too long to wait. Casey C. Sullivan, Esq.   |     07 Jun 2017

Proportionality and Discovery in the Age of Social Media Oversharing

Every day, over a billion users log onto Facebook to post status updates, watch cat videos, and share articles they haven’t finished reading. More than one sixth of the world’s total population, or 1.28 billion people, s... Casey C. Sullivan, Esq.   |     31 May 2017

The Fight Over General Flynn, the 5th Amendment and Document Production

Last week, General Michael T. Flynn invoked his Fifth Amendment privilege against self incrimination in response to a subpoena duces tecum from the Senate Intelligence Committee. Flynn, a former national security advisor... Casey C. Sullivan, Esq.   |     30 May 2017

The Supreme Court Frees Patent Litigators From the Eastern District of Texas

IP lawyers, it might be time to buy your one-way ticket out of the Eastern District of Texas. Yesterday's Supreme Court’s ruling on patent venue means that the E.D. Tex. could have its patent docket substantially reduced... Casey C. Sullivan, Esq.   |     23 May 2017

When It Comes to Spoliation Sanctions, It’s Still 2014 in Some Courts

Looking back, 2014 was a pretty good year. Barack Obama was president, the “Lego Movie” was a box office hit, and everyone was dumping buckets of ice on their head for charity. But if you’re feeling nostalgic for those g... Casey C. Sullivan, Esq.   |     22 May 2017

Don't be that guy whose case gets tossed for waiting on his vendor

Federal judge scolds plaintiff and counsel for "lame excuse," "inflicting nightmare" upon opposing party Robert Hilson   |     16 Nov 2016

Does Lola v. Skadden signal the cooking of a golden goose?

It has long been common practice for law firms to hire lowly paid temporary attorneys to perform routine, low-value work like first-pass document review. Firms either hire these attorneys directly or through temp agencie... Robert Hilson   |     26 Sep 2016
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