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Will SCOTUS Clarify How Far the Government Can Go to Get Cloud-Stored Data?

The cloud makes just about everything better, whether it’s email, online storage, or eDiscovery. That is, unless you’re a government lawyer trying to subpoena private user data, in which case the cloud can quic... Eric Pesale   |     13 Jul 2017

Balancing Mobility, Agility, and Cybersecurity

Our quickly evolving workplaces make it easier than ever to get things done on the move and on the fly. Colleagues can “ping” each other from their phones with with late-night ideas, or review important docs fr... Casey C. Sullivan   |     10 May 2017

With Data Copy, Logikcull is on the cusp of dragging eDiscovery into modernity

Of all the risk-laden tasks that comprise the processes of eDiscovery and evidence exchange, perhaps the most perilous is the transfer of data itself. Robert Hilson   |     16 Aug 2016

The Cloud has killed the legaltech RFP

This post was authored by Andy Wilson, CEO of Logikcull. Andy can be reached at   Robert Hilson   |     20 Apr 2016

The Economics of Cloud with Esteban Kolsky

The first part of Logikcull's interview with Esteban Kolsky addressed common misperceptions about the cloud, which Kolsky defined, strictly, as a three-tiered architecture divided between infrastructure, platfo... Robert Hilson   |     16 Oct 2015
2017 eDiscovery Mid-Year Review

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