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Cullcast: Judge David Campbell on whether new discovery rules are a stopgap

Long in the making discovery amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure took effect in December, but the impact they will ultimately have remains to be seen. Early signs indicate that at least some cour... Robert Hilson   |     08 Feb 2016

Cullcast: Judge Mix on opaque discovery costs, predictive coding disputes and more

In a 2005 “Meet the Rainmakers” feature for Law Practice Today, US Magistrate Judge Kristen Mix, then a distinguished trial lawyer in Denver, described herself as “highly organized,” “thorough,” “efficient,” “a... Robert Hilson   |     13 Jan 2016

Ernie The Attorney on How to Win Clients and Influence Luddites

Ernest Svenson’s purchase of his first Mac computer roughly coincided with his graduation from law school which, for point of reference, coincided with the release of Born in the USA and the second Reagan inaug... Robert Hilson   |     05 Nov 2015

Is legal ripe for an Uber-like disruption?

Spoiler alert: No. Robert Hilson   |     22 Oct 2015

Law firms are investing in eDiscovery, but to what end?

Earlier this year, HBR Consulting released the findings of its survey of law firm e-discovery trends. The survey, which probed the ability and appetite to bring e-discovery in-house, found that, on the whole, f... Robert Hilson   |     07 Oct 2015

Judge Facciola: I'm not in the business of supporting an industry

This is part three of our three-part conversation with recently retired United States judge John Facciola, whose work over the last two decades has largely shaped the scope and application of evidentiary law. T... Robert Hilson   |     08 Sep 2015

Learning to live lean with Kenneth Grady of Seyfarth Shaw

Kenneth Grady is a Lean Law Evangelist. His gospel is change. And his congregation is attorneys -- which means he isn't exactly preaching to the choir. Robert Hilson   |     21 Aug 2015

Cullcast #4 - Gilding the Lily with Loren Kieve

Discovery is generally thought to be an intractable part of litigation: the fact-finding process that unearths smoking guns and paints key witnesses into corners. But what if it ceased to exist? Loren Kieve, a ... Robert Hilson   |     27 Jul 2015
2017 eDiscovery Mid-Year Review

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