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Major Cybersecurity Firm Banned by Feds Amid Russia Fears

A major cybersecurity firm has been removed from the list of vendors approved for use by federal agencies amid concerns over its relationship with the Russian government. The Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab was deli... Casey C. Sullivan   |     19 Jul 2017

Who’s Afraid of a Biometric Boarding Pass?

In the not too distant future, airports could operate without boarding passes or even ID cards, whisking you away to your destination after a single biometric reading. That is, if a pilot program by the Transpo... Casey C. Sullivan   |     11 Jul 2017

Protecting Against Insider Data Theft and Misuse

When you think of a data breach, you probably think of a breach caused by outsiders, hackers, cybercriminals, ransomware and the like, the barbarians at the gate if you will. But outsiders aren’t the only own t... Casey C. Sullivan   |     30 Jun 2017

BigLaw Cyberattack Could Cost Millions of Dollars a Day

If you can’t get an attorney at DLA Piper to return your emails today, it might be because they’ve been instructed to keep their computers off. This isn’t a firm-wide “tech detox,” though, it’s a last ditch att... Casey C. Sullivan   |     27 Jun 2017

How Attorneys Can Incorporate Encryption Into Client Communications

From spear phishing to DNS hijacking, cybercriminals are increasingly turning law firm emails into entry points for accessing confidential data.  One of the easiest ways to safeguard against these types of atta... Eric Pesale   |     23 Jun 2017

Responding to a Data Breach? There’s an App For That.

Reed Smith has launched a free app to help companies work through the legal implications of a data breach. In just a few clicks, you can determine whether state data breach notification laws may apply to your d... Casey C. Sullivan   |     19 Jun 2017

Balancing Mobility, Agility, and Cybersecurity

Our quickly evolving workplaces make it easier than ever to get things done on the move and on the fly. Colleagues can “ping” each other from their phones with with late-night ideas, or review important docs fr... Casey C. Sullivan   |     10 May 2017

Everything Is One Thing and That’s Information Governance

When it comes to securing clients’ and businesses’ most sensitive data, more and more attention is being paid to eDiscovery. After all, the discovery process gathers a treasure trove of valuable information, fr... Casey C. Sullivan   |     04 May 2017
Webinar: Protecting against Petya: Ransomware and the Future of Law Firm Cybersecurity 7/27/17

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Webinar: Protecting against Petya: Ransomware and the Future of Law Firm Cybersecurity 7/27/17

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