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Responding to a Data Breach? There’s an App For That.

Reed Smith has launched a free app to help companies work through the legal implications of a data breach. In just a few clicks, you can determine whether state data breach notification laws may apply to your data loss.  Casey C. Sullivan, Esq.   |     19 Jun 2017

Why Lawyers Need to Know State Data Breach Notice Laws

Hackers are increasingly targeting law firms, viewing them as a “one-stop shop” for sensitive lucrative client data. The examples are many: hackers breaking into M&A firms to steal info for insider trading; Russian cyber... Eric Pesale   |     28 Apr 2017

Fact Sheet: 15 Alarming Statistics about Law Firm Data Security

Law firms are the holders of their clients’ most sensitive data, business secrets and IP. But while some assume they are safe havens for that data, nothing could be further from the truth. Recent high-profile calamities ... Robert Hilson   |     27 Jan 2017

The Downright Terrifying Cost of a Data Breach | Logikcull

Electronic devices and IT systems are the new bank vaults and boardrooms: troves of sensitive information -- from passwords and usernames, to credit card information, business strategies and corporate secrets -- courting... Robert Hilson   |     08 Sep 2016

Schneier on data security: 'We are fragile, we can't recover, we can't adapt.'

Bruce Schneier is a renowned security expert whose accolades we covered in detail in a previous post. In part one of this interview, we posed the question, What do you do if your law firm is the next Ashley Madison? Here... Robert Hilson   |     18 Sep 2015
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Logikcull Fact Sheet - 15 Alarming Statistics About Law Firm Data Security

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