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What Happens When Your eDiscovery Vendor Is Acquired?

The eDiscovery world is consolidating at a rapid pace. May alone saw Morae Legal merge with Clutch Group, Xact Data Discovery acquired by F1 Discovery, Discovia merge with Lighthouse eDiscovery, and Altep bought up by Ad... Casey C. Sullivan, Esq.   |     07 Jun 2017

Judge Scheindlin on Proportionality, Technology, and the Future of Discovery

Few people have had as much of an impact on modern eDiscovery as Judge Shira A. Scheindlin. As District Judge for the Southern District of New York, her series of groundbreaking decisions in Zubulake v. UBS Warburg in th... Casey C. Sullivan, Esq.   |     11 May 2017

What a Million-Dollar eDiscovery Bill Looks Like

eDiscovery costs can be huge, making up 20 to 50 percent of all costs in federal civil litigation, according to some estimates. In some cases, the discovery process can end up costing clients hundreds of thousands, even ... Casey C. Sullivan, Esq.   |     09 May 2017

Is the Internet of Things the Future of eDiscovery?

The Internet of Things, that ever growing universe of connected devices that includes everything from baby monitors to electric grid sensors, is driving a data explosion. By 2020, Cisco estimates, the IoT will generate 6... Casey C. Sullivan, Esq.   |     08 May 2017

eBook: 10 Ways to Get Sanctioned in Modern Litigation

The explosion of electronic information in litigation has provided lawyers with a variety of new and creative ways to hurt themselves, their cases, their clients and their careers. While it may be true that, at least at ... Robert Hilson   |     29 Nov 2016

With Data Copy, Logikcull is on the cusp of dragging eDiscovery into modernity

Of all the risk-laden tasks that comprise the processes of eDiscovery and evidence exchange, perhaps the most perilous is the transfer of data itself. Robert Hilson   |     16 Aug 2016

This old-fashioned industry is ripe for the taking

Earlier this week, LegalTech News published a story about the changing face of the e-discovery industry, which features commentary from, among others, our CEO Andy Wilson. The article says, in so many words, that the bac... Robert Hilson   |     05 Aug 2016

What is eDiscovery? All of New Jersey finds out the hard way

The state of New Jersey is $161 billion in debt, which means each of its taxpayers would have to part with roughly $52,000 to get its government back in black. That financial abyss puts the Garden State dead last in tax ... Robert Hilson   |     25 Feb 2016
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