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New eDiscovery Calculator Helps You Predict Your Discovery Costs

Why is litigation so expensive these days? eDiscovery costs bear a good amount of the blame. Over the past decades, the growth of eDiscovery has been a major contributor to ballooning litigation costs, with dis... Casey C. Sullivan   |     08 Aug 2017

Chevron’s $19 Million Discovery Bill Could End Up on Environmental Lawyer’s Tab

An environmental attorney in New York could be stuck covering nearly $19 million in discovery costs for one of the world’s largest oil companies, a massive shifting of fees in a sprawling legal battle that has ... Casey C. Sullivan   |     22 Jun 2017

The Legal System Is Leaving America’s Most Vulnerable Citizens Behind

Eighty-six percent of low-income Americans do not get adequate legal help for their civil legal issues, according to a new study on the justice gap by the Legal Services Corporation. Eighty-six percent. Imagine... Casey C. Sullivan   |     16 Jun 2017

How to Ethically Bill eDiscovery Costs Back to Your Client

As law firms increasingly bring e-discovery software and services in-house, some grapple with whether and how to bill for those services in a way that is both fair to the client and conducive to the firm's bott... Robert Hilson   |     06 Dec 2016

The Prevailing Corporate E-Discovery Trends of 2015

A cursory analysis of the legal surveys published this year reveals clear themes in how corporate legal departments approach the challenges associated with electronic discovery and other data-intensive operatio... Robert Hilson   |     18 Dec 2015
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