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Ernie The Attorney on How to Win Clients and Influence Luddites

Ernest Svenson’s purchase of his first Mac computer roughly coincided with his graduation from law school which, for point of reference, coincided with the release of Born in the USA and the second Reagan inaug... Robert Hilson   |     05 Nov 2015

On Pro Bono Week, A Tip Of The Hat To Those Who Tip The Scales

The knock on lawyers is there are too many of them. This is a common perception especially in the US, where there are almost three times the number of attorneys per capita than in the country, Great Britain, th... Robert Hilson   |     29 Oct 2015

Theories for why attorney use of eDiscovery clawbacks is dreadfully low

The exponential rise in the sheer volume of data relevant to legal disputes -- to say nothing of the growing complexity associated with searching and producing that data, or the increasingly exotic forms in whi... Robert Hilson   |     20 Oct 2015

Law firms are investing in eDiscovery, but to what end?

Earlier this year, HBR Consulting released the findings of its survey of law firm e-discovery trends. The survey, which probed the ability and appetite to bring e-discovery in-house, found that, on the whole, f... Robert Hilson   |     07 Oct 2015

Florida judge axes Bar's ban on touting attorney specialization

Disrupting the monopolistic authority of bar groups to designate lawyer expertise, a federal judge earlier this week ruled that the Florida Bar's rule banning attorneys and law firms from stating on their websi... Robert Hilson   |     02 Oct 2015

A Visual Representation of Predictive Coding Case Law

A body of case law can be made to look an awful lot like a solar system, with clear centers of gravity, precipitating events, dependent relationships -- and random moons just off doing their own things. Robert Hilson   |     23 Sep 2015

Q&A with Bruce Schneier: What if your law firm is the next Ashley Madison?

If the subject is security, chances are Bruce Schneier has an opinion on it, and that opinion has been published somewhere -- on his blog, in the New York Times, on the BBC,  in the Guardian, in Wired, in one o... Robert Hilson   |     16 Sep 2015

How Lloyd Gosselink Slays Giants with Logikcull

Customer: Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle Townsend, P.C. Robert Hilson   |     15 Sep 2015
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