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How to Avoid eDiscovery Production Disasters: New Webinar

Angry clients, embarrassing headlines, potential malpractice claims, reputational damage, fees and sanctions, these are just some of the possible consequences of an eDiscovery production gone wrong. And given t... Casey C. Sullivan   |     13 Sep 2017

Putting Together a Law Firm Disaster Recovery Plan

By the time Hurricane Harvey had moved on from Houston, 30 percent of Harris County was under water. When Hurricane Irma petered out over South Carolina, she left a trail of devastation stretching from St. Vinc... Casey C. Sullivan   |     13 Sep 2017

Tech Competence Now an Ethical Duty for Most U.S. Lawyers

Five years ago, the American Bar Association declared that lawyers have a duty of competency not just with regards to the law and legal practice, but to technology as well. In a 2012 update to Comment 8 of Mode... Casey C. Sullivan   |     11 Sep 2017

Now Available: Webinar on Social Media and the Law

Over the past decade, social media has drastically changed how individuals interact and share information, with hundreds of millions of Americans using social media every day. Those posts, tweets, and snaps are... Casey C. Sullivan   |     07 Sep 2017

O'Magawd, The Worst eDiscovery Model Order Ever

Regular readers of this blog are well versed in discovery best practices and generally familiar with the modern technology landscape. They strive to keep apace with the cutting edge of legal tech and embrace to... Robert Hilson   |     30 Aug 2017

Your Next Case Could Turn on Social Media Evidence

Social media is the new email. And just like email reshaped litigation over the past two decades, social media is slowly but surely transforming how law is practiced today, creating vast new sources of evidence... Casey C. Sullivan   |     30 Aug 2017

Reimagining Law School With the Startup Legal Garage

Thousands of law students are heading back to school in the upcoming weeks, their hornbooks and Blue Books in tow. But these Ls 1-3 are facing a law school landscape that’s increasingly in flux. More than ever ... Casey C. Sullivan   |     22 Aug 2017

A Clawback Agreement Can’t Save Botched Privilege Review

You’re beginning discovery on a case. When you meet with opposing counsel, you both agree that a formal 502(d) court order isn’t necessary here. Instead, you enter into a clawback agreement. Should anyone accid... Casey C. Sullivan   |     16 Aug 2017
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