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Why Most eDiscovery Tools Can’t Find ‘e-Discovery’

Your eDiscovery software should be able to find "e-discovery," right? But many discovery platforms cannot. If you search for “e-discovery” in most platforms, your search is likely to come up with inaccurate res... Casey C. Sullivan   |     30 Nov 2017

The 5 Biggest Challenges Facing Solos & Small Firms

If you’re worried about how to best attract and retain clients, or find yourself spending too much time on non-billable tasks, you’re not alone. These are the top concerns for the majority of attorneys in small... Casey C. Sullivan   |     16 Nov 2017

Highlights From the JFK & Abbottabad Files

Two weeks ago, the National Archives released a long-awaited trove of documents regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Just days later, the CIA made public a new set of files taken from the f... Casey C. Sullivan   |     09 Nov 2017

Logikcull Makes Reviewing Osama bin Laden’s Files Quick, Easy, & Free

On Thursday, the CIA released hundreds of thousands of documents recovered during the 2011 raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan, a raid which left bin Laden, the founder of al Qaeda and mastermind of ... Casey C. Sullivan   |     02 Nov 2017

Research the JFK Files For Free With Logikcull

Who killed John F. Kennedy? Was it really Lee Harvey Oswald and, if so, was he inspired by a clandestine meeting with the KGB beforehand?  Or was Lyndon B. Johnson somehow behind the assassination, as the Kreml... Casey C. Sullivan   |     30 Oct 2017

Getting It Right the Second Time? Judge Reverses Harleysville Insurance

If you’re a frequent reader of the blog, or just a follower of eDiscovery case law, you’ve probably heard about Harleysville Insurance Company v. Holding Funeral Home. (We’ve written about it here and here and ... Michael Simon   |     26 Oct 2017

How Small & Medium-Sized Firms Can Thrive in Discovery 3.0

For years, eDiscovery has been a burden on the legal system. Expensive vendors, costly collections, and massive data dumps weaponized the process, turning discovery into something most clients didn’t want to pa... Casey C. Sullivan   |     12 Oct 2017

Logikcull 10X: Make eDiscovery 10 Times Better With Deduplication

Today, we’re launching a new video series, “Logikcull 10X,” highlighting tips and tricks to make your eDiscovery process easier and better. This semi-regular video feature takes its name from the idea that, to ... Casey C. Sullivan   |     05 Oct 2017
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