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Research the JFK Files For Free With Logikcull

Who killed John F. Kennedy? Was it really Lee Harvey Oswald and, if so, was he inspired by a clandestine meeting with the KGB beforehand?  Or was Lyndon B. Johnson somehow behind the assassination, as the Kreml... Casey C. Sullivan   |     30 Oct 2017

Getting It Right the Second Time? Judge Reverses Harleysville Insurance

If you’re a frequent reader of the blog, or just a follower of eDiscovery case law, you’ve probably heard about Harleysville Insurance Company v. Holding Funeral Home. (We’ve written about it here and here and ... Michael Simon   |     26 Oct 2017

How Small & Medium-Sized Firms Can Thrive in Discovery 3.0

For years, eDiscovery has been a burden on the legal system. Expensive vendors, costly collections, and massive data dumps weaponized the process, turning discovery into something most clients didn’t want to pa... Casey C. Sullivan   |     12 Oct 2017

Logikcull 10X: Make eDiscovery 10 Times Better With Deduplication

Today, we’re launching a new video series, “Logikcull 10X,” highlighting tips and tricks to make your eDiscovery process easier and better. This semi-regular video feature takes its name from the idea that, to ... Casey C. Sullivan   |     05 Oct 2017

Top 4 Takeaways From Logikcull’s Discovery Industry Snapshot

It’s been years since electronically stored information began working its way into litigation, giving birth to an industry and changing the way litigation is practiced. Yet today, the discovery industry and the... Casey C. Sullivan   |     28 Sep 2017

2 Ways Small Firms Can Double Their Billable Hours

If you find yourself struggling to bring in more billable hours, you’re not alone. Many lawyers aren’t able to fill up even half their day with billable work. According to the 2017 Legal Trends Report, unveiled... Casey C. Sullivan   |     26 Sep 2017

New Logikcull-Clio Integration Brings Together Two Leaders of the Legal Cloud

Things just got easier for legal professionals looking to streamline their practice management and eDiscovery processes. Today, Logikcull unveiled it’s new integration with Clio, the leading cloud-based legal p... Casey C. Sullivan   |     25 Sep 2017

5 Reasons to Leave Legacy eDiscovery Software Behind

Legacy eDiscovery software is called “legacy” for a reason—it’s old. These legacy programs may feel familiar, but they stopped being sufficient for modern litigation long ago. Today, there’s no reason to wait h... Casey C. Sullivan   |     19 Sep 2017
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