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Wordpress hacks expose law firms' cyber-disconnect - and, perhaps, client data

Earlier this month, users of the popular Wordpress CMS were advised to upgrade to the latest version of the software to patch "an undisclosed critical vulnerability." At the sound of that dogwhistle, hackers po... Robert Hilson   |     17 Feb 2017

7 Questions You Should Ask Your Lawyer About Data Security

A post published yesterday on suggests that law firms may not be the safe havens for information that clients believe them to be. Similar stories have recently appeared in Inside Counsel and the Nationa... Robert Hilson   |     10 Feb 2017

Why the archaic process of eDiscovery is vulnerable to hacking and data breach

And what you can do about it. Robert Hilson   |     08 Feb 2017

Of 450 reported data breaches this year, only four traced to law firms

Last week, the Identity Theft Resource Center published its mid-year report, assembling into a terrifying rap sheet some 450 known breaches that together compromised more than 135 million records. Of those inci... Robert Hilson   |     04 Aug 2015
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