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Microsoft's Garcia: Law firms must create 'culture of cybersecurity'

This is the second of our two-part interview with Dennis Garcia, assistant general counsel at Microsoft. Part 1 is here.  Eric Pesale   |     14 Apr 2017

Microsoft AGC: Law firms 'scrambling' to address cybersecurity should move to cloud

As the surge of data breach and cybercrime continues unabated, law firms face intense pressure to meet the increasingly rigorous data security demands of their corporate clients. The ability of these firms to s... Eric Pesale   |     23 Mar 2017

7 Questions You Should Ask Your Lawyer About Data Security

A post published yesterday on suggests that law firms may not be the safe havens for information that clients believe them to be. Similar stories have recently appeared in Inside Counsel and the Nationa... Robert Hilson   |     10 Feb 2017

Why the archaic process of eDiscovery is vulnerable to hacking and data breach

And what you can do about it. Robert Hilson   |     08 Feb 2017

Fact Sheet: 15 Alarming Statistics about Law Firm Data Security

Law firms are the holders of their clients’ most sensitive data, business secrets and IP. But while some assume they are safe havens for that data, nothing could be further from the truth. Recent high-profile c... Robert Hilson   |     27 Jan 2017

ShareSafe from Logikcull is an evolutionary leap in legal tech security

On Friday, Logikcull will demonstrate ShareSafe in a 30-minute webinar. Register here.  Robert Hilson   |     24 Jan 2017
2017 eDiscovery Mid-Year Review

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