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Some of the Biggest Threats to Law Firm Cybersecurity Come From Within

Last week, the Fifth Circuit upheld the conviction and sentencing of Anastasio Laoutaris, who was accused of hacking into the computers of an Am Law 100 firm resulting in over a million dollars’ worth of damage... Casey C. Sullivan   |     06 Feb 2018

Roy Moore Phishing Emails Seek Inappropriate Relationship With Lawyers

Chinese hackers are using Roy Moore to target attorneys at major firms, according to analysts with the cybersecurity firm FireEye. Lawyers with at least three multinational firms have been targeted with emails ... Casey C. Sullivan   |     07 Dec 2017

Why the Data Breach Epidemic Is a People Problem: Q&A With Cooley's Randy Sabett

Look left. Look right. Chances are, you know someone whose personal or corporate information was compromised as a result of a data breach. Facing mounting pressure to stem the rising tide of data breaches, espe... Eric Pesale   |     05 Dec 2017

How to Use Two-Factor Authentication to Protect Data in Litigation & Discovery

You’ve been hacked. Whether you’re aware of it or not, it’s almost certain that hackers somewhere have your private, personal information: your name, email addresses, passwords, birth dates, etc. Hackers may ha... Casey C. Sullivan   |     01 Dec 2017

5 Email Security Tips Lawyers Can Use to Encrypt Their Attorney-Client Communications

In today’s cybercrime-ridden business environment, hackers are increasingly targeting law firms to mine sensitive client data. As the ABA has noted, cybercriminals love to pick on law firms because they often s... Eric Pesale   |     08 Nov 2017

Law Firm Data Breach Could Be Panama Papers 2.0

In April, 2016, over 11 million confidential files, taken during a data breach at the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, were leaked to the press. These “Panama Papers” revealed the Byzantine complex of shell... Casey C. Sullivan   |     27 Oct 2017

Equifax Breach Raises New Data Security Considerations for Law Firms & Companies

Thanks to a recent string of high-profile cyberattacks, data breaches have never been as hot a topic as they are now. Few of the more recent ones, however, have been more egregious or controversial as the recen... Eric Pesale   |     23 Oct 2017

When Phishers Steal From a Deal, Who’s Left on the Hook?

When phishers jump into a deal, running off with hundreds of thousands of dollars in intercepted funds, which party is left on the hook? One recent case out of Ohio provides some insight. The case, Beau Townsen... Casey C. Sullivan   |     10 Oct 2017
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