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Five Online Tools Lawyers Can Use to Test Their Data Security

In the wake of recent BigLaw data breaches and data security lawsuits, clients are starting to demand more from law firms when it comes to protecting their data. This is becoming an especially important issue f... Eric Pesale   |     03 May 2017

Whitepaper: 7 Tips for Securing Client Data in the Age of Cybercrime

What would you do if a burglar broke into your office, stole every single client folder, and dumped them indiscriminately out the top floor window onto the city streets below? Robert Hilson   |     09 May 2016

Investigators predicted Cravath hacking in 2012

Lest the recent admissions from Cravath, Swaine & Moore and Weil Gotshal that they'd suffered data breaches from hackers apparently seeking intel for the purposes of insider trading come as a surprise, consider... Robert Hilson   |     05 Apr 2016

eDiscovery is the next frontier for hackers, as major law firms now know

A December 12 article in Fortune Magazine titled "Cyber Espionage Is Reaching Crisis Levels" begins, inauspiciously: Robert Hilson   |     30 Mar 2016

7 Ways Smart Litigators Should Leverage Changes in Rules and Discovery Technology

This article was authored by Tyler O'Halloran, an attorney at Lloyd Gosselink Rochelle & Townsend in Austin, Texas. It appeared in a truncated form in the January/February edition of the ABA Law Practice Magazi... Robert Hilson   |     27 Jan 2016

Waging The Battle to Increase Adoption of Your Discovery Solution

For law firms who seek to bolster their internal e-discovery capabilities -- either to capture more billable work or to provide better client value-add -- one of the most daunting challenges is getting the vari... Robert Hilson   |     21 Jan 2016

How Young and Transitioning Lawyers Can Carve Out a Successful Niche

Imagine a superstore that sells every conceivable type of good and grocery at a bargain basement price. That place -- let's call it Walmart -- isn't where people go to buy designer shoes or hand-crafted dresser... Robert Hilson   |     19 Nov 2015

Using Blogging to Grow Your Legal Practice

Maybe you’re just out of law school, forced into a solo “career” out of circumstance. Or maybe you’re the one burned out on Big Law life and flirting with striking out on your own. Either way, you know the comp... Robert Hilson   |     17 Nov 2015
2017 eDiscovery Mid-Year Review

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