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Now Available: Webinar on Navigating the High Stakes 'Loser Pays' Rule

Yesterday, Logikcull hosted a webinar on the future of eDiscovery cost recovery, “The Price of Defeat: Navigating the High-Stakes ‘Loser-Pays’ Rule.” The Hon. Joy Flowers Conti, Chief District Judge of the U.S. District ... Casey C. Sullivan, Esq.   |     22 Jun 2017

The Future of eDiscovery Cost Recovery: Webinar with Hon. Joy Flowers Conti

Millions of dollars trade hands each year by way of an obscure federal statute that allows prevailing parties to recover litigation costs. Increasingly, high stakes disputes arise over which, if any, eDiscovery costs can... Casey C. Sullivan, Esq.   |     20 Jun 2017

Protecting Data in the Age of Cybercrime: CLE Webinar Now Available

There's a common adage among cybersecurity professionals: data is at it's most vulnerable when it's in motion. Well, eDiscovery is a process of motion. And it's also a process of replication. Under the EDRM-driven model ... Robert Hilson   |     08 Mar 2017

Protecting client data in the age of cybercrime: Watch webinar now

Last week, Logikcull hosted a webinar on law firm data security. The program, which featured two leading cyber-law attorneys and a security expert, gave guidance for protecting client data as outside threats from cybercr... Robert Hilson   |     30 Sep 2016

Join Logikcull webinar on law firm data security | Thursday, Sept. 22

This year has been a PR disaster for the "Law Firms Are Good at Data Security" narrative. Consider the following timeline... Robert Hilson   |     20 Sep 2016
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Logikcull Fact Sheet - 15 Alarming Statistics About Law Firm Data Security

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