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Logikcull is launching a brand new video series, “In-House,” bringing together legal leaders, innovators, and changemakers to share insights, best practices, and their experiences in an ever-evolving legal market. Watch the intro video below, then be sure to subscribe to Logikcull’s blog or our Youtube channel to stay up-to-date with the latest “In-House” videos.




What to Expect From “In-House”

The “In-House” series was inspired by the exciting, challenging, and inspiring conversations we have with the industry leaders who stop by Logikcull on a nearly daily basis. “What if,” we thought, “we could share some of these great conversations with the world?” So we grabbed a camera and started filming.

In the coming weeks and months, you can expect regular “In-House” updates, learning from experts at the front line of legal innovation. This isn’t just abstract talk about law and technology trends, but a dive into the experiences of those on the forefront of industry change—and the lessons they’ve learned while there. You’ll see ways that legal leaders are implementing new technologies and practices, benchmarks of success, and opportunities to innovate in your own practice.

Stay tuned!


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