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Casey C. Sullivan

Casey leads education and awareness efforts at Logikcull. An attorney in San Francisco, his passions include the great outdoors, great literature, and democratizing discovery. You can reach him at

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Litigation Funding Often Remains Outside the Scope of Discovery

To supporters, litigation funding groups promise to “level the playing field,” allowing parties to bring suits they otherwise would not have the resources to pursue and providing law firms with the cash they ne... Casey C. Sullivan   |     16 May 2018

Controlling Discovery Costs, Ensuring Accurate Search, and Creating the Perfect Tech Stack: 3 New Webinars From Logikcull

In modern legal practice, the difference between success and failure often boils down to the ability to navigate and make sense of data. Yet that process can be difficult, demanding, and daunting, whether part ... Casey C. Sullivan   |     10 May 2018

Gmail Updates Are Changing the Way Email Works. 3 Changes You Need to Know.

Gmail controls over a quarter of the email market. And despite trends towards new forms of data—chat logs, IoT, video, and more—when it comes to discovery, email is still where much of the work happens. (For no... Casey C. Sullivan   |     03 May 2018

Ditch the Boilerplate and Improve Your Discovery Objections

Two and a half years ago, the Rules Committee updated the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to, among other changes, require more specificity when objecting to discovery requests. Revised Federal Rule of Civil P... Casey C. Sullivan   |     02 May 2018

How to Obtain Slack Data for Discovery and Investigations

On Monday, Logikcull launched its new Slack feature, allowing legal teams to deal with Slack data simply and easily. This feature opens up a whole new world of valuable data for modern legal professionals, as t... Casey C. Sullivan   |     26 Apr 2018

If Your Discovery Process Ignores Slack, You’re Missing Half the Conversation

Slack, the massively popular communications platform, is changing how we talk to each other. Thanks to Slack, more and more organizations are moving away from email and towards chat. Instead of discussing busin... Casey C. Sullivan   |     23 Apr 2018

Mueller Has Millions of Documents to Review—A Task That Could Be Easier Than Expected

Last week, FBI agents raided the offices of Michael D. Cohen, President Donald Trump’s long-time personal lawyer and self-described “fixer,” a raid the President decried as an attack on attorney-client privileg... Casey C. Sullivan   |     18 Apr 2018

Hacking Our Way to Free Law: A Q&A With Legal Robot’s Dan Rubins & SF Legal Hackers’ Lindsey Fischer

Technology is allowing skilled legal professionals to handle more work, more efficiently and more effectively. But technology that doesn’t simultaneously break down the barriers impeding our legal system isn’t ... Casey C. Sullivan   |     12 Apr 2018
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