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Casey leads education and awareness efforts at Logikcull. An attorney in San Francisco, his passions include the great outdoors, great literature, and democratizing discovery. You can reach him at

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What You Missed at 'Emerging Legal Departments: Legal Tech 101'

What people, processes, and technology do emerging legal departments need? What tools and technology can help them manage the legal matters facing their companies more efficiently and effectively? Yesterday, Lo... Casey C. Sullivan   |     06 Dec 2018

How to Spot—and Defeat—eDiscovery Dirty Tricks

By our loose count, there are about a dozen different federal, state and model ethics rules regarding eDiscovery, all reminding you to play fair. But come on—we know lawyers. Some are bound to push, pull, prod,... Casey C. Sullivan   |     08 Nov 2018

3 Can’t-Miss Webinars: Slack Discovery, Ethics & Cybersecurity, and Dirty Tricks

As the world evolves, the practice of law must follow suit. Facing new forms of technology, new modes of communication, and new standards of professional behavior, legal professionals must adapt their practice ... Casey C. Sullivan   |     01 Nov 2018

What We Learned at the Clio Cloud Conference

About a week ago, a handful of Logikcull employees headed down to New Orleans, where we second lined, Bourbon Streeted, tore our shirts and bellowed in the streets. Well, not really. We actually were there to a... Casey C. Sullivan   |     17 Oct 2018

AI-Driven Discovery Process Produces Millions of Unresponsive Docs

An AI-driven discovery process went off course recently, spinning out of control in class action litigation against some of the nation’s largest airlines. The result: millions of unresponsive documents produced... Casey C. Sullivan   |     20 Sep 2018

Clio’s Launch//Code Competition Seeks Most Innovative Integration

Two weeks from now, in New Orleans, five apps will face off in the ultimate competition for the future of legal tech. Only one will survive. At stake, the future of legal practice. Casey C. Sullivan   |     19 Sep 2018

Why Smart Legal Teams Innovate Through Simplicity

This post is based on a talk by Logikcull COO Patrick Barry on simplicity as innovation, presented today as part of the Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption. Casey C. Sullivan   |     13 Sep 2018

Houston We Have a Sanction: Case-Dispositive Sanctions for Discovery Misconduct

If you’re one of the hundreds of people arrested without a warrant in Houston every week, and we hope you’re not, you may find yourself detained for more than 48 hours without a probable cause hearing. That ext... Casey C. Sullivan   |     12 Sep 2018
Watch an on-demand webinar on eDiscovery dirty tricks (and how to defeat them)

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