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Protective Orders for Cybersecurity During eDiscovery: What They Are and Why You Need One

Lawyers could sit around the campfire for weeks, telling horror stories of confidential documents that got loose during discovery—everything from sensitive personal information leaked during document dumps to p... Waldo Jeffers   |     24 Oct 2018

How to Obtain Email Data From Common Email Service Providers

You’ve received a request for the production of documents as part of a lawsuit or investigation. Time to head down to your client’s office and start boxing up the files, right? Not quite. Today’s documents and ... Waldo Jeffers   |     26 Sep 2018

In the Face of Unmatched Data Growth, a Legal Doctrine Evolves

Over 50 years ago, Charles Katz strolled into a phone booth on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles and placed a call to the East Coast, relaying gambling information on some college basketball games. Unbeknownst to... Waldo Jeffers   |     30 Aug 2018

When Your Case Takes You to Facebook: Social Media Evidence and Civil Discovery

Social media is changing the way lawyers work. There are judges on Twitter, law firms advertising on Facebook, and, digital-era communications like emojis working their way into court opinions. But, most import... Waldo Jeffers   |     15 Aug 2018

Social Media and Discovery in Criminal Cases

The cops are on Facebook. They’re posting from their own department accounts, scrolling public feeds, sending friend requests from fictitious profiles, and getting warrants for photos and other personal data. B... Waldo Jeffers   |     01 Aug 2018
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