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A new post highlighting sources of corporate waste features Logikcull as an inexpensive, easy-to-use tool to cut litigation costs.

Writes Silicon Valley investor and entrepreneur John Rampton:

Remarkably, even in today's interconnected world of electronic information, the process is ridiculously inefficient. Corporate legal firms rely on printed documents and inadequate technologies for ingestion and filtering of information. There is hope though. Cloud-based legal services, like Logikcull, are now available to make the process much easier--streamlining process and greatly reducing costs.

Source of hope, you say? Couldn't have said it better ourselves. Our corporate customers tell us they are losing patience with the old-school vendor model -- installed software, variable pricing, limited support availability, the whole runaround.

Logikcull, on the other hand... Well, we'll let our customers do the talking.

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