Closing The Loop

Where do your documents go when they’re uploaded to Logikcull?

If you answered, “Logikcull’s secure, cloud-based, closed-loop system” you nailed it! But they also go somewhere else, metaphorically at least—back into the ground.

We’ve partnered with the National Forest Foundation so that for every 100,000 pages uploaded to Logikcull, we’ll sponsor the planting of a new tree. The National Forest Foundation is a Congressionally created non-profit that works with the U.S. Forest Service to restore and enhance our national forests and grasslands.

Through this partnership, every project Logikcull users create will help fund the planting of a new tree. That’s thousands of trees added so far and hundreds of acres of land reforested.

To learn more about Logikcull’s tree-planting initiative and what inspired it, read our interview with Tamara Okyere, Logikcull’s Talent Acquisition Specialist and the originator of the program, in “Building the Loop,” our company culture blog.

Shasta Trinity South Fork Oct 2014_vexar protectionA NFF reforestation project in the Shasta Trinity National Forest.


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