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Judge Campbell, rules committee chair, weighs impact of e-discovery amendments

Long-gestistating discovery amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure went into effect last week, but the waiting is far from over. What remains to be seen, and what will no doubt take years to assess,... Robert Hilson   |     07 Dec 2015

Watch ACEDS webcast on e-discovery sanctions and rules amendments

Yesterday, Logikcull presented an educational webcast for ACEDS on emerging ethical guidelines in e-discovery, judicial use of sanctions to enforce that guidance, and the significance of the latest federal rule... Robert Hilson   |     02 Dec 2015

To counter discovery gridlock, courts turn to shaming, cookies and other desperate acts

This post is a companion piece to an ACEDS webcast Logikcull presented yesterday on sanctions and the new e-discovery rules amendments. The recording is available here.  Robert Hilson   |     02 Dec 2015

Recording of Logikcull CLE webinar on e-discovery risk avoidance available

Last week, we had the opportunity to present an educational webcast on behalf of the Florida Bar, of which Logikcull is a preferred provider. The presentation gave guidance on best practices for avoiding e-disc... Robert Hilson   |     30 Nov 2015

How Young and Transitioning Lawyers Can Carve Out a Successful Niche

Imagine a superstore that sells every conceivable type of good and grocery at a bargain basement price. That place -- let's call it Walmart -- isn't where people go to buy designer shoes or hand-crafted dresser... Robert Hilson   |     19 Nov 2015

Using Blogging to Grow Your Legal Practice

Maybe you’re just out of law school, forced into a solo “career” out of circumstance. Or maybe you’re the one burned out on Big Law life and flirting with striking out on your own. Either way, you know the comp... Robert Hilson   |     17 Nov 2015

The Logikcull Interview with US Judge Mark Bennett | Part 2 | Fighting About Everything

This is the second of a three-part interview with United States District Judge Mark Bennett. In the first installment, we unpacked some of the factors and precipitating behavior that prompted Bennett to level o... Robert Hilson   |     12 Nov 2015

The Logikcull Interview with US Judge Mark Bennett | Part 1 - Trial By Avalanche

Mark Bennett has been a fixture at the highest levels of the US legal system for decades. Fresh out of law school, he successfully brought the very first case he ever accepted before the Rehnquist Supreme Court... Robert Hilson   |     09 Nov 2015
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