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What We Talk About When We Talk About 'Industry Cloud'

The term "industry cloud" has a short, not particularly auspicious history. Like, say, information governance or technology-assisted review, it is a descriptor of uncertain meaning, prone to interpretation and,... Robert Hilson   |     03 Nov 2015

On Pro Bono Week, A Tip Of The Hat To Those Who Tip The Scales

The knock on lawyers is there are too many of them. This is a common perception especially in the US, where there are almost three times the number of attorneys per capita than in the country, Great Britain, th... Robert Hilson   |     29 Oct 2015

Esteban Kolsky on Why Fearing Cloud Is Nonsense

It's hard to say whether Esteban Kolsky is a contrarian or everybody else is just plain wrong. Over the course of this three-part interview, Kolsky, a well-known technology consultant and former Gartner analyst... Robert Hilson   |     28 Oct 2015

Logikcull Outperforms Competitors In User Satisfaction, By A Lot

When we're asked at Logikcull how we stack up to the competition, we generally prefer our customers to speak for us. They are the ones with the real world experience, using Logikcull in the trenches to solve th... Robert Hilson   |     27 Oct 2015

The Hillary Clinton Email Saga, By The Numbers

The US State Department is about five months into a review of 30,000 work-related emails sent and received over a private server by Hillary Clinton in her capacity as Secretary of State. Set aside the issues of... Robert Hilson   |     23 Oct 2015

Is legal ripe for an Uber-like disruption?

Spoiler alert: No. Robert Hilson   |     22 Oct 2015

Theories for why attorney use of eDiscovery clawbacks is dreadfully low

The exponential rise in the sheer volume of data relevant to legal disputes -- to say nothing of the growing complexity associated with searching and producing that data, or the increasingly exotic forms in whi... Robert Hilson   |     20 Oct 2015

The Economics of Cloud with Esteban Kolsky

The first part of Logikcull's interview with Esteban Kolsky addressed common misperceptions about the cloud, which Kolsky defined, strictly, as a three-tiered architecture divided between infrastructure, platfo... Robert Hilson   |     16 Oct 2015
Watch an on-demand webinar on eDiscovery dirty tricks (and how to defeat them)

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