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Today we’ve refreshed our website, and published an open letter in several leading legal publications declaring that it is time to end “eDiscovery”.

What we aim to do is draw attention to the waste, inefficiency, poor technology, and antiquated processes that have come to be known by the category label of “eDiscovery”.

We’d be delighted if the legal world chose Logikcull for discovery, but whether or not the marketplace picks us, we believe that there must be a better way.  The fact is that "eDiscovery" is a mess.  It is wasteful. It is inefficient. It is insecure. It is extraordinarily expensive. And most significantly it is a process that can be improved, rather easily, with good technology.

From our early days as a successful discovery vendor we saw that technology would (must) soon come along to change the status quo.  We realized that this would be our mission—to bring about a better way of performing discovery—and we embarked on the creation of Logikcull.

With the publication of this open letter, and our new messaging, we are making public what was already the burning mission behind the creation of Logikcull.

The time has come to end “eDiscovery”.

Join us in moving forward.

Andy Wilson | CEO, Logikcull

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