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The Truth About Women of Color Behind Bars

Women on Lockdown Five years ago, Netflix debuted the hit television series, “Orange Is the New Black,” bringing the story of women serving time in federal prison to the forefront of popular culture. Now in its... Eleanor Brock   |     25 Sep 2018

Advancing Transgender Civil Rights, Where “Discovery Is Key”

It’s been decades since the last major federal civil rights law was passed, leaving advocates for greater social equality relying on laws crafted a generation or two ago. And for many of the nation’s most vulne... Casey C. Sullivan   |     21 Jun 2017

The Legal System Is Leaving America’s Most Vulnerable Citizens Behind

Eighty-six percent of low-income Americans do not get adequate legal help for their civil legal issues, according to a new study on the justice gap by the Legal Services Corporation. Eighty-six percent. Imagine... Casey C. Sullivan   |     16 Jun 2017

The Clinton Email Investigation: Where We Stand with 72 hours to D-Day

As the calendar races to Election Day, the long-running probe into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server has once again reemerged as the central non-Donald J. Trump-generated issue in the campaign. Wh... Robert Hilson   |     04 Nov 2016

Into the Wild with Earthjustice's Amanda Sharp

Logikcull is pleased to work with all our wonderful customers, but we're particularly proud of our relationship with Earthjustice. Earthjustice is legal counsel for, you guessed it, Earth. So its clients includ... Robert Hilson   |     13 May 2016

The Truth About Women of Color Behind Bars

As part of Logikcull's commitment to pro bono causes and those making justice more accessible, we've produced the following infographic about women in color behind bars.  We're proud of our work with Legal Advo... Dave Austin   |     06 Oct 2015

Judge Facciola: eDiscovery costs have driven an entire economic class out of court

This is the first of three posts relaying our conversation with recently retired US judge John Facciola, widely considered to be among the most influential, and prudent, authorities on technology's impact on th... Robert Hilson   |     26 Aug 2015

eDiscovery is a Frankenstein of our own making

Photo courtesy of Michael Simon   |     06 Jul 2015
Watch an on-demand webinar on eDiscovery dirty tricks (and how to defeat them)

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