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Data security class action sets unsettling precedent for flat-footed law firms

On the heels of a year that will likely go down as among the most tumultuous for the legal services industry, a recently unsealed class action suit poking a sharp stick at one of its greatest weaknesses has ush... Eric Pesale   |     03 Jan 2017

eBook: 10 Ways to Get Sanctioned in Modern Litigation

The explosion of electronic information in litigation has provided lawyers with a variety of new and creative ways to hurt themselves, their cases, their clients and their careers. While it may be true that, at... Robert Hilson   |     29 Nov 2016

Don't be that guy whose case gets tossed for waiting on his vendor

Federal judge scolds plaintiff and counsel for "lame excuse," "inflicting nightmare" upon opposing party Robert Hilson   |     16 Nov 2016

Does Lola v. Skadden signal the cooking of a golden goose?

It has long been common practice for law firms to hire lowly paid temporary attorneys to perform routine, low-value work like first-pass document review. Firms either hire these attorneys directly or through te... Robert Hilson   |     26 Sep 2016

For attorneys, social media is rife with ethical pitfalls

This post was authored by Eric Pesale, a soon-to-be attorney who recently graduated from the New York Law School. Eric contributes regularly to the Logikcull blog, focusing on the legal impact of emerging techn... Eric Pesale   |     13 Sep 2016

Judges have little insight into exact costs of e-discovery, don't see TAR use

Recent amendments to federal discovery rules have renewed attention on the concept of "proportionality" -- a cost-benefit analysis at the heart of many judicial determinations about fairness. Robert Hilson   |     24 Jun 2016

This article on lawyer cybersecurity will scare you out of a malpractice suit

On the heels of reports of data breach at some of the most prominent -- and shadowy -- law firms in the world, and increasingly routine headline-making cyberattacks on household names, data security in the lega... Robert Hilson   |     10 Jun 2016

Court says, at $800 an hour, snail-paced doc review won't cut it

It's not uncommon for disputes to arise over fee padding or churning, where more hours are billed than the work justifies. With the rise of large scale discovery projects, often black holes within which it is e... Robert Hilson   |     01 Jun 2016
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