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eDiscovery for everyone? The pipe dream is now a reality

Logikcull now offers pay-as-you-go pricing: $40/GB/month with no minimum commitment. You can watch a demo and get started here.  Robert Hilson   |     25 Apr 2017

How to Ethically Bill eDiscovery Costs Back to Your Client

As law firms increasingly bring e-discovery software and services in-house, some grapple with whether and how to bill for those services in a way that is both fair to the client and conducive to the firm's bott... Robert Hilson   |     06 Dec 2016

Stop sending garbage to outside counsel (you'll pay for it)

Corporate legal departments are often tempted to offload discovery projects to outside service providers or law firm partners, either because they hope to offload risk and liability, or because they simply don’... Robert Hilson   |     30 Jun 2016

Millions of dollars are up for grabs because courts can't figure out if e-discovery costs are recoverable

Several years ago, when electronic discovery was still in its youth, federal courts wrestled mightily with the question of whether certain e-discovery costs can be recovered by parties who prevail at trial or w... Robert Hilson   |     07 Jun 2016

Court says, at $800 an hour, snail-paced doc review won't cut it

It's not uncommon for disputes to arise over fee padding or churning, where more hours are billed than the work justifies. With the rise of large scale discovery projects, often black holes within which it is e... Robert Hilson   |     01 Jun 2016

Mass Appeal: Is Crowdsourcing the Future of Discovery for Small Firms?

This post is authored by Suzanne H. Clark, an attorney in Jacksonville, Florida and founder of eDiCT, a consulting firm that helps pair organizations with discovery products and services. She can be reached at ... Robert Hilson   |     17 Mar 2016

What is eDiscovery? All of New Jersey finds out the hard way

The state of New Jersey is $161 billion in debt, which means each of its taxpayers would have to part with roughly $52,000 to get its government back in black. That financial abyss puts the Garden State dead la... Robert Hilson   |     25 Feb 2016

Does your eDiscovery bill look like this?

Robert Hilson   |     18 Feb 2016
Watch an on-demand webinar on eDiscovery dirty tricks (and how to defeat them)

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