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How to Effectively QC Check Your Discovery Productions

It’s a terrifying thought: you’ve spent days, weeks, or even months combing through a data set, and you finally get that production out the door, only to discover that you’ve inadvertently disclosed a number of... Eleanor Brock   |     29 Nov 2018

How to Spot—and Defeat—eDiscovery Dirty Tricks

By our loose count, there are about a dozen different federal, state and model ethics rules regarding eDiscovery, all reminding you to play fair. But come on—we know lawyers. Some are bound to push, pull, prod,... Casey C. Sullivan   |     08 Nov 2018

3 Can’t-Miss Webinars: Slack Discovery, Ethics & Cybersecurity, and Dirty Tricks

As the world evolves, the practice of law must follow suit. Facing new forms of technology, new modes of communication, and new standards of professional behavior, legal professionals must adapt their practice ... Casey C. Sullivan   |     01 Nov 2018

Infographic: How to File a Freedom of Information Act Request

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) empowers citizens to hold their government accountable. It’s been on the books since 1967, yet many don’t fully understand—or take advantage of—this remarkable law.   Eleanor Brock   |     27 Sep 2018

How to Obtain Email Data From Common Email Service Providers

You’ve received a request for the production of documents as part of a lawsuit or investigation. Time to head down to your client’s office and start boxing up the files, right? Not quite. Today’s documents and ... Waldo Jeffers   |     26 Sep 2018

Upcoming Webinar: eDiscovery Dirty Tricks and How to Defeat Them

The law is an adversarial system, but it can sometimes become a dirty one as well. Whether it's document dumps, questionable denials of custody and control, or meritless objections, your opposing counsel may ha... Casey C. Sullivan   |     06 Sep 2018

When Your Case Takes You to Facebook: Social Media Evidence and Civil Discovery

Social media is changing the way lawyers work. There are judges on Twitter, law firms advertising on Facebook, and, digital-era communications like emojis working their way into court opinions. But, most import... Waldo Jeffers   |     15 Aug 2018

4 Webinars to Help Improve Your Discovery Process

In the high-stakes world of discovery and litigation, even the most experienced practitioners can end up making unforced errors. Failure to fully protect attorney client privilege, for example, can lead to emba... Casey C. Sullivan   |     27 Jun 2018
Watch an on-demand webinar on eDiscovery dirty tricks (and how to defeat them)

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