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As “IRL” Hackers Circle BigLaw, Logikcull Partners With O’Magawd Firm for Law Lock™

San Francisco - Amid a sharp rise in law firm data breaches and growing concern among security experts that legal discovery is the next frontier for hackers, Logikcull and the law firm of O’Magawd Mikoreer Izov... Robert Hilson   |     01 Apr 2019

[Video] If You Can Tie Your Shoes, You Can In-House eDiscovery

On March 28th, at the Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption, Logikcull COO Patrick Barry explained how corporate legal departments can leverage simple, powerful discovery software to take control of their d... Casey C. Sullivan   |     14 Mar 2019

Three Ways In-House Attorneys Are Using eDiscovery Software to Reduce Legal Spend

Document review is not exactly an enticing activity: late nights, mangled DVDs, and unending piles of unread files. Add in clunky legacy software, and it’s enough to make even the most seasoned attorney conside... Eleanor Brock   |     21 Feb 2019

[Video] How to Redact Manafort's Top-Secret Court Docs in 30 Seconds or Less

When Paul Manafort's lawyers submitted their latest pleading in federal court this morning, they left a significant amount of text redacted. Or rather "redacted." Casey C. Sullivan   |     08 Jan 2019

Making the Move to Cloud-Based Discovery: How One Firm Revolutionized Its Discovery Process

As they say, discovery is a big firm’s game. Or at least they did. Until recently, data-heavy discovery, with its antiquated technology, high-priced vendors, and higher-priced third-party experts, was only avai... Casey C. Sullivan   |     19 Dec 2018

[Infographic] eDiscovery Opportunity Costs: What Is the Most Efficient Approach?

How much does discovery cost? That’s a tricky question—and the honest answer is, it depends. Eleanor Brock   |     21 Nov 2018

Clio’s Launch//Code Competition Seeks Most Innovative Integration

Two weeks from now, in New Orleans, five apps will face off in the ultimate competition for the future of legal tech. Only one will survive. At stake, the future of legal practice. Casey C. Sullivan   |     19 Sep 2018

Why Smart Legal Teams Innovate Through Simplicity

This post is based on a talk by Logikcull COO Patrick Barry on simplicity as innovation, presented today as part of the Summit on Legal Innovation and Disruption. Casey C. Sullivan   |     13 Sep 2018
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