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eDiscovery Shouldn’t Cause a Mental Breakdown

On April 9th, FBI agents descended on Rockefeller Center in New York City. Their target: the law office of Michael Cohen, President Trump’s long-time personal lawyer, and the files contained within. When the ra... Casey C. Sullivan   |     31 May 2018

How to Obtain Slack Data for Discovery and Investigations

On Monday, Logikcull launched its new Slack feature, allowing legal teams to deal with Slack data simply and easily. This feature opens up a whole new world of valuable data for modern legal professionals, as t... Casey C. Sullivan   |     26 Apr 2018

If Your Discovery Process Ignores Slack, You’re Missing Half the Conversation

Slack, the massively popular communications platform, is changing how we talk to each other. Thanks to Slack, more and more organizations are moving away from email and towards chat. Instead of discussing busin... Casey C. Sullivan   |     23 Apr 2018

Mueller Has Millions of Documents to Review—A Task That Could Be Easier Than Expected

Last week, FBI agents raided the offices of Michael D. Cohen, President Donald Trump’s long-time personal lawyer and self-described “fixer,” a raid the President decried as an attack on attorney-client privileg... Casey C. Sullivan   |     18 Apr 2018

eDiscovery Best Practices: Never Read the Same Email Twice with Thread Detection

In the typical discovery process, it’s not hard to find yourself buried under a document dump that can seem virtually impossible to dig yourself out of. The amount of digital evidence available in litigation is... Casey C. Sullivan   |     28 Mar 2018

What’s the Number One eDiscovery Software? Logikcull Tops G2Crowd’s List

At Logikcull, our success is measured by our customers’ success. It’s boutique firms using Logikcull to take bigger cases and grow their practices, the AmLaw 100 firms where Logikcull makes high-velocity matter... Casey C. Sullivan   |     21 Mar 2018

Search Accuracy Is the Most Important eDiscovery Feature: How to Ensure You're Getting It

Ask any lawyer how important the accuracy of searches within an eDiscovery platform is to them. Nine times out of ten, the answer will be “It’s #1. It’s the most important.” Casey C. Sullivan   |     15 Mar 2018

Logikcull Ranked in Top 100 Fastest-Growing SaaS Companies

Logikcull’s growth is fueled by our customer’s success. So it’s a sign of the strength of the Logikcull community that today Logikcull was ranked 95 on The SaaS 1000, which tracks the fastest growing “Software ... Casey C. Sullivan   |     07 Mar 2018
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