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CLO on outside counsel: I'd hire Attila the Hun if he's good at his job

This is the second part of our discussion with Mark Herrmann, chief counsel of the global insurance corporation Aon and author of authoritative legal books like "The Curmudgeon's Guide to Practicing Law." Robert Hilson   |     07 Sep 2016

Is the billable hour responsible for the legal profession's supply-demand gap?

The idea that there are "too many lawyers" is a common misperception. In reality, there are too few lawyers but, at the same time, too many lawyers without jobs. This is how, to speak in the broadest terms, the... Robert Hilson   |     16 Jun 2016

In-house attorneys dish on investigations hurdles and clashes with law firms

Earlier this month, Logikcull assembled a group of corporate counsel to discuss challenges they face when dealing with regulatory investigations, and to offer solutions for how those challenges can be overcome.... Robert Hilson   |     31 May 2016

eDiscovery is over. What next?

You'll recall that, many months ago, Logikcull ended eDiscovery. Robert Hilson   |     17 May 2016

9 Factors Shaping the Fate of eDiscovery

About 9 months ago, we took a stab at estimating how much e-discovery costs society each year, concluding that the combined tonnage of US legal activity yields a discovery bill somewhere in the neighborhood of ... Robert Hilson   |     04 May 2016

Are you a solutionist or an objectionist?

This post was authored by Chad Main, an experienced litigation attorney and founder of the legal technology company Percipient, which specializes in efficient document review. Chad also authors the excellent Pe... Robert Hilson   |     25 Apr 2016

Failure of training and competency validation is behind legal's 'crisis'

This is the second of a three-part interview with Jordan Furlong, an Ottawa-based attorney and consultant at Edge International. He can be reached through his Law21 site. Robert Hilson   |     25 Mar 2016

What's behind the breakneck pace of law firm mergers?

Even on the heels of a record-setting year for mergers and acquisitions, the dizzying rate at which law firms are being dissolved and swallowed has continued to accelerate. In the first two months of 2016, 18 f... Robert Hilson   |     18 Mar 2016
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