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What Happens When Your eDiscovery Vendor Is Acquired?

The eDiscovery world is consolidating at a rapid pace. May alone saw Morae Legal merge with Clutch Group, Xact Data Discovery acquired by F1 Discovery, Discovia merge with Lighthouse eDiscovery, and Altep bough... Casey C. Sullivan   |     07 Jun 2017

Does your eDiscovery bill look like this?

Robert Hilson   |     18 Feb 2016

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Vendor If You’re Still The Type of Person Who Books Through a Travel Agency

Working with vendors, like any approach to discovery, has its pros and its cons. It is true, for instance, that partnering with a large discovery provider affords some degree of insurance — where liability can ... Robert Hilson   |     01 Feb 2016

Your law firm contracts with a vendor, but your attorneys are going off the reservation

Robert Hilson   |     17 Jun 2015

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