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Dark Overlords Ransom Law Firm Data—Byte by Byte

At this very moment, in law offices and corporations around the country, attorneys are emailing privileged information to clients, shipping sensitive data out to vendors on unsecured thumb drives, and even Slac... Eleanor Brock   |     24 Jan 2019

Protective Orders for Cybersecurity During eDiscovery: What They Are and Why You Need One

Lawyers could sit around the campfire for weeks, telling horror stories of confidential documents that got loose during discovery—everything from sensitive personal information leaked during document dumps to p... Waldo Jeffers   |     24 Oct 2018

Webinar: What Makes Law Firms Susceptible to Hackers?

Hackers have law firms in their crosshairs. It’s no wonder why. Law firms are increasingly viewed as “one-stop shops” for valuable corporate information. After all, why hack a dozen different companies when you... Casey C. Sullivan   |     10 Jul 2018

Hacked Law Firm Shuts Down

Consider it the law firm hack that shook the world. When Mossack Fonseca’s confidential files were released as the “Panama Papers” in April, 2016, the fallout was immediate and extensive. The papers, covering d... Casey C. Sullivan   |     22 Mar 2018

Law Firms Are Scrambling to Protect Themselves From Hackers (Finally)

Law firms have long been easy targets for hackers. They are full of sensitive information, yet the resources expended on data security often don’t measure up against efforts taken in other industries, such as f... Casey C. Sullivan   |     01 Mar 2018

Some of the Biggest Threats to Law Firm Cybersecurity Come From Within

Last week, the Fifth Circuit upheld the conviction and sentencing of Anastasio Laoutaris, who was accused of hacking into the computers of an Am Law 100 firm resulting in over a million dollars’ worth of damage... Casey C. Sullivan   |     06 Feb 2018

Roy Moore Phishing Emails Seek Inappropriate Relationship With Lawyers

Chinese hackers are using Roy Moore to target attorneys at major firms, according to analysts with the cybersecurity firm FireEye. Lawyers with at least three multinational firms have been targeted with emails ... Casey C. Sullivan   |     07 Dec 2017

Why the Data Breach Epidemic Is a People Problem: Q&A With Cooley's Randy Sabett

Look left. Look right. Chances are, you know someone whose personal or corporate information was compromised as a result of a data breach. Facing mounting pressure to stem the rising tide of data breaches, espe... Eric Pesale   |     05 Dec 2017
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