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A primer on data encryption best practices for law firms

This is a guest post by Brian Focht, an attorney at Stiles Byrum & Horne in Charlotte and author of the highly regarded blog, The Cyber Advocate. Twice a month, Brian will post about important cybersecurity iss... Robert Hilson   |     03 Aug 2016

Using Logikcull to decode the DNC's leaked emails

First there was the Bush White House. Then Snowden. Then Sony. Then Hillary. These days, you can find a juicy email leak whatever your particular persuasion or affiliation. Robert Hilson   |     26 Jul 2016

Cybersecurity lawyer: 'Data breach will happen to the best of us'

This is the third and final post relaying our interview with Eli Wald, among the foremost experts on the interplay between law and cybersecurity. In previous posts, which can be found here, Wald explained why l... Robert Hilson   |     20 Jul 2016

You can sue your law firm over data breach, but good luck winning

This is the third post in a month we've dedicated to the topic of law firm data security, and for good reason. These are scary times, folks. The breach that is now widely known simply as The Panama Papers showe... Robert Hilson   |     13 Jul 2016

For hackers, law firms are 'one-stop shop' for pillaging sensitive data

About a year ago, at a moment the world appeared to be nearing #peakcybercrime, we posed the question: What if your law firm is the next Ashley Madison? This was provocative shorthand for, "your client's data g... Robert Hilson   |     08 Jul 2016

Whitepaper: 7 Tips for Securing Client Data in the Age of Cybercrime

What would you do if a burglar broke into your office, stole every single client folder, and dumped them indiscriminately out the top floor window onto the city streets below? Robert Hilson   |     09 May 2016

Investigators predicted Cravath hacking in 2012

Lest the recent admissions from Cravath, Swaine & Moore and Weil Gotshal that they'd suffered data breaches from hackers apparently seeking intel for the purposes of insider trading come as a surprise, consider... Robert Hilson   |     05 Apr 2016

Preventing another Cravath or Weil...

A message to the Logikcull community by Andy Wilson, Logikcull CEO  Robert Hilson   |     31 Mar 2016
2018 mid-year case law review

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