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Robots, Robot Citizens, and the (Potential) Rights of New Tech

Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to a robot named Sophia last month, making her, from our count, the first robot citizen of any nation. Sophia, a humanoid machine created by the Hong Kong-based robot manufactur... Casey C. Sullivan   |     14 Nov 2017

In Legal Research Contest, AI Beats Humans

The battle between man and (AI-powered) machine has been a long, ongoing one. Think Garry Kasparov vs. IBM’s Deep Blue, Jeopardy contestants vs. Watson, Dave vs. the HAL 9000. And now a new skirmish has recentl... Casey C. Sullivan   |     01 Nov 2017

A Visual Representation of Predictive Coding Case Law

A body of case law can be made to look an awful lot like a solar system, with clear centers of gravity, precipitating events, dependent relationships -- and random moons just off doing their own things. Robert Hilson   |     23 Sep 2015

CullCast #2 - Prepping for the A.I.-Pocalypse with Matt Coatney

Photo courtesy of Robert Hilson   |     23 Jun 2015
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