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The 5 Biggest Challenges Facing Solos & Small Firms

If you’re worried about how to best attract and retain clients, or find yourself spending too much time on non-billable tasks, you’re not alone. These are the top concerns for the majority of attorneys in small... Casey C. Sullivan   |     16 Nov 2017

Making Your Case for Expedited Discovery

Sometimes, you’re in a rush. But in litigation, it's not usually easy to get the information you need as quickly as you might want it. Discovery, after all, typically does not begin prior to an initial meet and... Casey C. Sullivan   |     15 Nov 2017

Robots, Robot Citizens, and the (Potential) Rights of New Tech

Saudi Arabia granted citizenship to a robot named Sophia last month, making her, from our count, the first robot citizen of any nation. Sophia, a humanoid machine created by the Hong Kong-based robot manufactur... Casey C. Sullivan   |     14 Nov 2017

Highlights From the JFK & Abbottabad Files

Two weeks ago, the National Archives released a long-awaited trove of documents regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Just days later, the CIA made public a new set of files taken from the f... Casey C. Sullivan   |     09 Nov 2017

5 Email Security Tips Lawyers Can Use to Encrypt Their Attorney-Client Communications

In today’s cybercrime-ridden business environment, hackers are increasingly targeting law firms to mine sensitive client data. As the ABA has noted, cybercriminals love to pick on law firms because they often s... Eric Pesale   |     08 Nov 2017

Now Available: Webinar on Navigating Looming GDPR

Today, Logikcull hosted a wide-ranging discussion about the coming impact of the General Data Protection Regulation and the practical effects it will have on cross-border discovery. Robert Hilson   |     07 Nov 2017

The Spoliation of an Election

When it comes to influencing elections, you can unleash an army of Twitter bots, curry favor with candidates’ closest advisers, create your own Super PAC—or you could just cut to the chase and hack the election... Casey C. Sullivan   |     02 Nov 2017

Logikcull Makes Reviewing Osama bin Laden’s Files Quick, Easy, & Free

On Thursday, the CIA released hundreds of thousands of documents recovered during the 2011 raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan, a raid which left bin Laden, the founder of al Qaeda and mastermind of ... Casey C. Sullivan   |     02 Nov 2017
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