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A Growing Consensus on Data Breach Litigation?

Data breaches are common and expensive. When a breach is discovered, companies can easily spend millions notifying affected customers, covering credit monitoring and identity theft services, and conducting fore... Casey C. Sullivan   |     17 Aug 2017

A Clawback Agreement Can’t Save Botched Privilege Review

You’re beginning discovery on a case. When you meet with opposing counsel, you both agree that a formal 502(d) court order isn’t necessary here. Instead, you enter into a clawback agreement. Should anyone accid... Casey C. Sullivan   |     16 Aug 2017

New Webinar on Social Media and the Law

There are now nearly three billion active social media users across the world. That’s almost half the global population, regularly commenting on the news, networking online, and, yes, uploading pictures of thei... Casey C. Sullivan   |     15 Aug 2017

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Logikcull

Last night marked the kickoff of ILTACON 2017, the largest gathering of legal technology professionals around. ILTACON, celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, is as relevant today as when it kicked off dec... Casey C. Sullivan   |     14 Aug 2017

Court Okays eDiscovery Prior to Class Certification in PwC Age Bias Case

Do hiring practices focused on young applicants and recent college graduates constitute illegal age discrimination? They do according to several over-40 job seekers who applied to work at PwC, the venerable acc... Casey C. Sullivan   |     11 Aug 2017

Taylor Swift's eDiscovery Woes: Spoliation in Celebrity Grope Case

The trial of the century began this week, as Taylor Swift and a former disc jockey met in civil court in Denver, Colorado. (Okay, well maybe not the trial of the century, but certainly a trial of the century.) ... Casey C. Sullivan   |     10 Aug 2017

The Dark Net: Where Attorneys' Information Is Bought & Sold

While the visible Internet is vast, the websites that you regularly access on your web browser represent only a fraction of what’s truly available online. There is, in fact, a significant section of the Interne... Eric Pesale   |     09 Aug 2017

New eDiscovery Calculator Helps You Predict Your Discovery Costs

Why is litigation so expensive these days? eDiscovery costs bear a good amount of the blame. Over the past decades, the growth of eDiscovery has been a major contributor to ballooning litigation costs, with dis... Casey C. Sullivan   |     08 Aug 2017
2017 eDiscovery Mid-Year Review

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