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Eric Pesale

The founder of Write For Law, Eric writes regularly about eDiscovery, cybersecurity and other legal topics for law firms, publications, and companies. He is a graduate of New York Law School and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and recently passed the New York bar exam.

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Upcoming Supreme Court Case Could 'Jailbreak' Smartphone Privacy Standards

The cell phone has come a long way since its predecessor, the brick phone, became immortalized as Gordon Gekko’s favorite accessory.  Chief Justice John Roberts acknowledged as much in his majority opinion in Riley v. Ca... Eric Pesale   |     13 Jun 2017

Blogging: A Double-Edged Sword for Attorneys?

In today’s competitive legal job market, both new and established attorneys face increasing pressure to pursue novel marketing avenues to build up their professional reputations and business. As a result, many lawyers ar... Eric Pesale   |     02 Jun 2017

Are Sloppy Metadata Practices Putting You at Risk?

If you’re not paying attention to the metadata in your public files, you may be giving cybercriminals an open invitation to hack into your law firm’s servers. While cybercriminals use a number of methods to bypass law fi... Eric Pesale   |     19 May 2017

How Drone and UAV Technology Will Exacerbate Data Privacy Issues

They're buzzing over your parks, photographing your wedding, even roasting your Thanksgiving turkeys. They're drones and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), those futuristic flying devices that can be found everywhere from ... Eric Pesale   |     12 May 2017

Five Online Tools Lawyers Can Use to Test Their Data Security

In the wake of recent BigLaw data breaches and data security lawsuits, clients are starting to demand more from law firms when it comes to protecting their data. This is becoming an especially important issue for clients... Eric Pesale   |     03 May 2017

Why Lawyers Need to Know State Data Breach Notice Laws

Hackers are increasingly targeting law firms, viewing them as a “one-stop shop” for sensitive lucrative client data. The examples are many: hackers breaking into M&A firms to steal info for insider trading; Russian cyber... Eric Pesale   |     28 Apr 2017

Microsoft's Garcia: Law firms must create 'culture of cybersecurity'

This is the second of our two-part interview with Dennis Garcia, assistant general counsel at Microsoft. Part 1 is here.  Eric Pesale   |     14 Apr 2017

Four Common Cyber Attacks Law Firms Must Confront

Law firms are under enormous pressure to step up their data protection efforts. With 27 states adopting technology competency requirements at the time of this writing, attorneys who fail to make reasonable efforts to sec... Eric Pesale   |     30 Mar 2017
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