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Emojis Are Increasingly Making Their Way Into Litigation

It’s officially 2019. We haven’t mastered FOIA response, or put a woman on Mars. But texting is next-level fun—because everyone and their mom uses emojis. 🤗 But these little, yellow icons are posing some novel... Eleanor Brock   |     07 Mar 2019

Three Ways In-House Attorneys Are Using eDiscovery Software to Reduce Legal Spend

Document review is not exactly an enticing activity: late nights, mangled DVDs, and unending piles of unread files. Add in clunky legacy software, and it’s enough to make even the most seasoned attorney conside... Eleanor Brock   |     21 Feb 2019

Logikcull Named as One of the 14 Best Remote Companies to Work For

Thanks to the internet, nothing is remote. Shapeless, formless, sometimes delightful and sometimes frightening, the internet has collapsed physical barriers and made it incredibly easy to connect across once-in... Casey C. Sullivan   |     13 Feb 2019

Did eDiscovery Undermine the Mueller Investigation?

Since his investigation into Russian election meddling began in 2017, Robert Mueller’s team has launched a massive eDiscovery effort: seizing hard drives, exporting emails accounts, and sorting through several ... Eleanor Brock   |     07 Feb 2019

12 Resolutions for the Legal Industry, From Legal Experts

New year, new you, right? Every year, as we embark on a new turn around the sun, millions of us will resolve to change for the better. And as the first month of 2019 winds down, we’re approaching the point wher... Casey C. Sullivan   |     30 Jan 2019

Dark Overlords Ransom Law Firm Data—Byte by Byte

At this very moment, in law offices and corporations around the country, attorneys are emailing privileged information to clients, shipping sensitive data out to vendors on unsecured thumb drives, and even Slac... Eleanor Brock   |     24 Jan 2019

Q&A With Bill Welch, Technology Leader and Logikcull’s Newest Board Member

Last week, Logikcull announced the addition of William “Bill” Welch to its board of directors, as an independent member. Welch brings with him 25 years of experience leading large and fast-growing technology co... Casey C. Sullivan   |     17 Jan 2019

[Video] How to Redact Manafort's Top-Secret Court Docs in 30 Seconds or Less

When Paul Manafort's lawyers submitted their latest pleading in federal court this morning, they left a significant amount of text redacted. Or rather "redacted." Casey C. Sullivan   |     08 Jan 2019
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