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Millions of documents collected and reviewed. Thousands of hours of interviews. Hundreds of witnesses. Dozens of indictments. One report. And no collusion? Casey C. Sullivan   |     18 Apr 2019

Proving Intent to Deprive Under Rule 37(e)(2)—Or, More Often, Not

Continuing our coverage of “the end of sanctions” and new barriers to sanctions created by the 2015 amendments to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 37(e), today we’re taking a look at one of the most significant ... Casey C. Sullivan   |     18 Apr 2019

Barriers to Rule 37(e) Sanctions: Proving the Loss of ESI and Resulting Prejudice

The 2015 amendments to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 37(e), the rule governing spoliation sanctions, have led to a dramatic decrease in such sanctions over the past three years, recent research from Logikcull... Casey C. Sullivan   |     11 Apr 2019

Announcing “In-House,” Logikcull’s New Video Series Bringing Legal Leaders Together Under One Roof

Logikcull is launching a brand new video series, “In-House,” bringing together legal leaders, innovators, and changemakers to share insights, best practices, and their experiences in an ever-evolving legal mark... Casey C. Sullivan   |     10 Apr 2019

How “The End of Sanctions” Is Changing Corporate Discovery

Spoliation sanctions have become increasingly rare in recent years. And when it comes to the most severe sanctions, these are increasingly off the table. For an industry where the threat of eDiscovery disasters... Casey C. Sullivan   |     09 Apr 2019

Case Study: How Walmart Is Pioneering a Fundamentally New Approach to Discovery

There’s a legal revolution going on in Walmart. The company at the forefront of global retail is also leading the way in transforming corporate legal practice, implementing cutting-edge technology, simplifying ... Casey C. Sullivan   |     02 Apr 2019

As “IRL” Hackers Circle BigLaw, Logikcull Partners With O’Magawd Firm for Law Lock™

San Francisco - Amid a sharp rise in law firm data breaches and growing concern among security experts that legal discovery is the next frontier for hackers, Logikcull and the law firm of O’Magawd Mikoreer Izov... Robert Hilson   |     01 Apr 2019

[Video] The ‘End of Sanctions’ in 10 Minutes or Less, Plus Responses From Judges

  Casey C. Sullivan   |     28 Mar 2019
Watch an on-demand webinar on eDiscovery dirty tricks (and how to defeat them)

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