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Hacked Law Firm Shuts Down

Consider it the law firm hack that shook the world. When Mossack Fonseca’s confidential files were released as the “Panama Papers” in April, 2016, the fallout was immediate and extensive. The papers, covering d... Casey C. Sullivan   |     22 Mar 2018

What’s the Number One eDiscovery Software? Logikcull Tops G2Crowd’s List

At Logikcull, our success is measured by our customers’ success. It’s boutique firms using Logikcull to take bigger cases and grow their practices, the AmLaw 100 firms where Logikcull makes high-velocity matter... Casey C. Sullivan   |     21 Mar 2018

Search Accuracy Is the Most Important eDiscovery Feature: How to Ensure You're Getting It

Ask any lawyer how important the accuracy of searches within an eDiscovery platform is to them. Nine times out of ten, the answer will be “It’s #1. It’s the most important.” Casey C. Sullivan   |     15 Mar 2018

Now Available: Webinar on eDiscovery Billing Best Practices

Does your eDiscovery process leave clients with an exorbitant bill while depriving you of potential revenue? Are you missing opportunities to reduce discovery costs without compromising the quality of your case... Casey C. Sullivan   |     14 Mar 2018

Logikcull Ranked in Top 100 Fastest-Growing SaaS Companies

Logikcull’s growth is fueled by our customer’s success. So it’s a sign of the strength of the Logikcull community that today Logikcull was ranked 95 on The SaaS 1000, which tracks the fastest growing “Software ... Casey C. Sullivan   |     07 Mar 2018

Law Firms Are Scrambling to Protect Themselves From Hackers (Finally)

Law firms have long been easy targets for hackers. They are full of sensitive information, yet the resources expended on data security often don’t measure up against efforts taken in other industries, such as f... Casey C. Sullivan   |     01 Mar 2018

Virginia Likely to Make Discovery Sanctions Easier, Reject FRCP Approach

Virginia could soon adopt legislation that would make it much easier to obtain potentially case-changing sanctions for the spoliation of evidence. Under proposed legislation currently on the fast track to the g... Casey C. Sullivan   |     28 Feb 2018

When Can You Obtain Discovery Into Employees’ Personal Devices?

It’s 10pm on a Thursday. The kids are asleep, you’ve wrapped up dinner, and you’re sitting down for a quick Netflix viewing before bed. Then, a colleague texts you on your personal number, with an urgent reques... Casey C. Sullivan   |     22 Feb 2018
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