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12 Resolutions for the Legal Industry, From Legal Experts

New year, new you, right? Every year, as we embark on a new turn around the sun, millions of us will resolve to change for the better. And as the first month of 2019 winds down, we’re approaching the point wher... Casey C. Sullivan   |     30 Jan 2019

Dark Overlords Ransom Law Firm Data—Byte by Byte

At this very moment, in law offices and corporations around the country, attorneys are emailing privileged information to clients, shipping sensitive data out to vendors on unsecured thumb drives, and even Slac... Eleanor Brock   |     24 Jan 2019

Q&A With Bill Welch, Technology Leader and Logikcull’s Newest Board Member

Last week, Logikcull announced the addition of William “Bill” Welch to its board of directors, as an independent member. Welch brings with him 25 years of experience leading large and fast-growing technology co... Casey C. Sullivan   |     17 Jan 2019

[Video] How to Redact Manafort's Top-Secret Court Docs in 30 Seconds or Less

When Paul Manafort's lawyers submitted their latest pleading in federal court this morning, they left a significant amount of text redacted. Or rather "redacted." Casey C. Sullivan   |     08 Jan 2019

Logikcull Welcomes Technology Executive Bill Welch to Its Board of Directors

Amid rising scrutiny paid to corporate data governance, including legal discovery where the risks and costs are high, Logikcull today announced the appointment of prominent technology executive William “Bill” W... Casey C. Sullivan   |     08 Jan 2019

The Most Important eDiscovery Cases of 2018

Last June, we reported that the year in eDiscovery case law so far had been “unusually quiet.” Half way through the year, there were few blockbuster cases, no major sanctions, no upsets to long-followed practic... Casey C. Sullivan   |     03 Jan 2019

eDiscovery Is Over: A Holiday Message From Logikcull

Happy Holidays, from Logikcull Casey C. Sullivan   |     20 Dec 2018

Making the Move to Cloud-Based Discovery: How One Firm Revolutionized Its Discovery Process

As they say, discovery is a big firm’s game. Or at least they did. Until recently, data-heavy discovery, with its antiquated technology, high-priced vendors, and higher-priced third-party experts, was only avai... Casey C. Sullivan   |     19 Dec 2018
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