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New Initial Discovery Guidelines for Wage and Hour Cases

Get ready for a new, more standardized approach to discovery—at least in certain federal wage and hour lawsuits. Early this year, the Federal Judicial Center released a new set of protocols meant to guide the d... Casey C. Sullivan   |     07 Feb 2018

Trump, Clinton, Political Scandal, and eDiscovey

The history of eDiscovery arguably began with a political scandal: Iran-Contra. The Iran-Contra affair saw the Reagan administration accused of selling arms to Iran and funneling the profits from those sales to... Casey C. Sullivan   |     01 Feb 2018

What’s in Store for 2018? Webinar Looks at Challenges & Opportunities Ahead

We’re one month in to 2018 and we can already see some inklings of what’s in store, at least in the discovery world. (What’s in store for the New England Patriots is another question altogether.) We’re beginnin... Casey C. Sullivan   |     31 Jan 2018

Now Available: Webinar on Employment Law and eDiscovery

Today’s employment law disputes increasingly reflect the evolving nature of the American workplace. In 2018, landlines and water coolers have been replaced with Slack and Google Hangouts, punch cards with compu... Casey C. Sullivan   |     23 Jan 2018

Court Imposes Sanctions for Boilerplate Discovery Objections

When it comes to the sanctionable reliance on boilerplate, you can’t say the profession hasn’t been warned. For years courts have attacked "the problem of boilerplate” in the discovery process, condemning the u... Casey C. Sullivan   |     17 Jan 2018

How to Be a Change Agent in Your Law Firm

You see how things are done at your firm and you know they could be done better. You don’t just focus on what needs changing, though. You actively look for new solutions. And you build the relationships necessa... Casey C. Sullivan   |     11 Jan 2018

New Discovery Rules Are Coming to Criminal Law

eDiscovery is not just for civil litigation—and it hasn’t been for some time. ESI is increasingly making an impact in criminal cases, where emails, social media posts, and text messages have become common sourc... Casey C. Sullivan   |     09 Jan 2018

How to Craft an Effective ESI Agreement

With fewer and fewer cases going to trial, today’s discovery process has become one of the main dispute resolution mechanisms in the civil litigation system. But this process can easily become unhinged if not p... Casey C. Sullivan   |     19 Dec 2017
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